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Jeeto Pakistan Helpline Number

Jeeto Pakistan Helpline Number

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This Game show jeeto pakistan helpline number our website. jeeto Pakistan is a game show a show where the fun began and the prizes are just thrilling and based on game show which is worth watching and participating it is aired in ary digital an exciting and riches around all the corner in front of all the people and crowd nobody goes home empty handed. ARY Jeeto Pakistan Helpline Number . In addition audience will also be given to those viewers who join through live calls people enjoy not just been there but also to watch it it is being the most popular tv shows these days specially in Ramadan the show host is fahad mustafa the famous energetic actor and host he is well known of his energy and because of his energy people love to watch the show. jeeto pakistan call number 2017, Ary Jeeto pakistan helpline number of this show.

Jeeto Pakistan Helpline for live Call Number

Jeeto Pakistan Help Line Number
Jeeto Pakistan Help Line Number

There are different segments in this show in which they distribute the prizes fahad knows very well who to thrill the audience. The very first segment is handi charhao inam pakao in this segment in the audience members come to create a taste dish in set time.they have to create a appetizer and dessert as well along with that. jeeto pakistan lucky winner list in jeeto pakistan many people wants to go there and enjoy and get all the prizes so we have the best idea for entering the show a game show named by jeeto pakistan helpline number jeeto pakistan was lunched from Karachi and goes on and on to Islamabad. a famous and best host fahad mustafah. jeeto Pakistan has a jeeto pakistan helpline number

Are selected for this game show from the audience thay attract the audience of the show and so jeeto pakistan ranking increase day by day on and on it goes. the timing fo this show starts from 7:30pm on friday and sunday as it is the family show. jeeto pakistan lucky winner list
jeeto pakistan phone number for live call

Jeeto Pakistan Help Number

jeeto Pakistan is also providing helpline number for your easy children women men and all the childrens and as well as aged people also watch is from their heart. talking about fahad he is very talented and smart guy how can roll the shoe and can fire it o with his stamina and energy. there are many competition and challenges in this show there are some helpline numbers we are giving down below.

Jeeto Pakistan Help Line Number




4.Household thing

5.Electronic items


7.Scholarship for student


9.Gold ( 1 tola-3 tola-5 tola-10 tola-20 tola and also 50 tola

10.Umrah package

11.Dubai return ticket

12.Plots in bahria town

13.Diamond rings

14.Refrigerator washing machine juicer iron fans generator


Jeeto Pakistan

If we are talking about game show than how can we forget the most entertaining game show of ARY digital JEETO PAKISTAN HELPLINE NUMBER.This is a game show which is popular among all the people of Pakistan. Life becoming busy and it is difficult for people to send time with their love one .then in this case of Jeeto Pakistan provides an opportunity to all the people to sit together and enjoy the show. This show provides refreshment movement together. This show helps you in reducing stress and tension .kids, men, women and old aged people all enjoy this game show.

Now we can say with confidence that Jeeto Pakistan number one game show of Pakistan. The host of show Fahad Mustafa hosts the show with full confidence and in a funny way that audience is not bored. Everyone knows that Fahad Mustafa is a famous director, producer, and actor of Pakistan industry. The raking of this dhow is increasing day by day everyone enjoys this show it attracts the attention of people all around the world .the show get fame because of its host and Fahad Mustafa work hard to make this show number one show of Pakistan. This show is full of excitement. The participants are able to get a different type of expensive gifts.

Jeeto Pakistan 

Through live call the people sitting at home are also able to get prizes and gifts. The Fahad Mustafa hosts this show in a different way. On prime time there are many shows on other different channel but no one beat Jeeto Pakistan.Jeeto Pakistan has its own popularity among the people. The main head office of Jeeto Pakistan is in Karachi .in Lahore and Islamabad Fahad Mustafa also hosted this show occasionally. Within 4 years this show gets the popularity. Fahad Mustafa wins the hearts of tasty of people he is blunt and he does not hesitate to make any funny that why people don’t mind it people like it very much.

Jeeto Pakistan Number

Other than Fahad Mustafa there are many other things that play the role in making this show super hit. The background music, the set, excellent management team and last but not the least the hard work of all the team of Jeeto Pakistan .the expensive gifts and prizes play an important role in attaining the attention of people. There are so many expensive gifts like a car, gold .people easily get this type of prizes without any type of hard work.The middle-class people even can’t afford these things in their life.ARY broadcast this show in Pakistan successfully on prime time. The expensive gifts are given to the people this platform is best for all those people who want to get expensive gifts. Jeeto Pakistan Helpline Number 2018- Ary jeeto pakistan helpline

What is the Jeeto Pakistan head office contact number in PAKISTAN [ALL CITY]


“Jeeto Pakistan” which is hosted by actor/host Fahad Mustafa is one of the biggest game show in Pakistan in recent years. The show is divided into several segments, each one offering contestants prizes in return for achieving a set of challenges or game tasks given by the host. The prizes offered range from cars and motorcycles to gold, cash, vacation packages and household items. The show is funded by sponsors, advertisers and commercial brands.

Jeeto Pakistan

Frankly speaking I really don’t like the show much and I don’t watch it but people are crazy about game shows like this one and I really don’t understand why? And now someone is asking for Jeeto Pakistan’s Karachi head office number. Seems really weird too me.

Even few months ago a group scams people using the same game show. It’s name is being used to fool the entire country into losing their money. Forget about the ordinary people even some politicians including MNA’s and MPA’s receive such scam messages. So my humble suggestion is to everyone stop following game shows like “jeeto Pakistan” and instead spend time in some useful and creative activity.

Any Information about Jeeto Pakistan Helpline Number

Everyone in Pakistan is a die heart fan of Jeeto Pakistan. This game show breaks the record. This game show creates history in the ranking. Be aware of fraudulent caller because now a day many people make a fake call and ask that you win a prize don’t believe to them they are lying to you just to get money from you. Don’t give any kind of information of you debit card, ATM card otherwise our team is not responsible for any kind of loss. Jeeto Pakistan is follow in Pakistan ,UK , USA ,Dubai .ARY digital have their own head office in these country.

of these countries are available on our website you can contact on our numbers. people are not fed up with this show .there are many other shows on other channel who are on air only for short period of time but Jeeto Pakistan has its own name .

Jeeto Pakistan is the name of entertainment. People enjoy this show on every Friday and Sunday’s .Everyone is busy in his own life they are busy in making money but Jeeto Pakistan make is possible to sit and watch this show with your family, friends and relatives. The director, producer, host and other management team work hardly to make this show successful of jeeto pakistan helpline number 2019

 Jeeto Pakistan Help Line Number

If you want any type of information you can visit our website or you can call or our number available at our website. Jeeto Pakistan helpline numbers are always opens for your help .for any type of query you can call .our management team will try our best and solve your problems. Jeeto Pakistan Helpline Center in Karachi

In Bigul bajao inam pao segment different types of gifts are given to the audience who ans the question rightly.In Jeet ke dikao there are number of game palyed by the participants .In Dil Walay Inam Ley jaen gy the newlywed couple participate. They compete with each other and get the expensive prizes.

In Handi charhao inam pao the expert who cook well will get the prizes the judge of this competition is audience. Abi To Main Jawan Hoon this is the funniest segment in jeeto Pakistan because the elder couple have to prove that they still love there partner. One best couple will get the prize that performance is best in the eye of audience.

In Celebrity Guest segment guest will join Fahad Mustafa. This Car Bachao Ghar Le Jao segment ids liked by many people because you are able to get a car as a gifts .host asked the question and audience have to answer. The chance of winning car will be broken off if the participant answers the question wrongly In this Khul Gai Qismat Fahad Mustafa will ask the entire audience for various random items which they may have on their person. Whoever comes up with these items wins. Your luck is in your hands. In this segment No Questions, No Games. It’s all depending on your luck. In Fakhr-e-Pakistan people who are fakhr of Pakistan are invited .who work hard and make the name of their country in the world. Jeeto pakistan helpline number at show of jeeto pakistan .

Jeeto Pakistan Helpline Phone Number

Jeeto Pakistan Help Line Number
Jeeto Pakistan Help Line Number

They are true inspiration for the people of Pakistan .they represent the true image of Pakistan. In Nannay Ustad the kids get a chance .They show their talent to the world .and get expensive prizes. In Baat Banti Hai women love to participate because it is a matter of gold .gold is the thing which every women love to wear. There is gold in every box.

You think carefully for opening the box .It is the game of luck a lucky audience member will get a chance to win unexpected riches. Each box will contain a different amount of gold, if the contestant is able to guess the correct quantity and convince Fahad, they will be going home loads richer.

The host creates suspense among the participants and audiences Fahad Mustafa presented different boxes with gold in them. One box has 3 tola gold other box has 20 tola gold other box may have 50 tola gold. Hence there is 3 – 50 tola gold in boxes.

Fahad mustaf asked player to select a box of his own choice then he asks whether he is satisfy with selection or he wants to change. One time player select one box and then other. His best decision may reward more and more amount. For Sahulat Bazar, special vouchers each worth a different amount will distributed by the host Fahad Mustafa in this segment. The cards will be given to randomly selected audience members, as well as viewers who call-in, via lucky draw.

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